Galleri NOS 6år

Celebration of our 6th year anniversary!

2/6 - 3/6 2023


Ludvig Helin

born in 1988, Lives and works in Norsesund (SE) Works mainly with painting, trying to make a painterly realm where even he becomes a stranger to his own creations. Helin graduated from Umeå Academy of fine art in 2016.

Lisa Lundgren

born 1987 in Gothenburg (SE), lives and works in Stockholm where she graduated from the Royal Institute of Fine Art 2019. With one semester from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Lisa Lundgren´s paintings are at once direct and enigmatic. The motif's dreamy narrative is presented through the artist's very distinguishable expression.

Anton Lind

born 1990 in Stockholm (SE), lives and works in Stockholm. He studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts where he graduated in 2020. Anton Lind works exploratory with painting and video.

Leonela Lilja

born 1987 in Medellín (CO), lives and works in Stockholm where she graduated from the Royal Institute of Art 2016. Leonela’s practice is installation based and deals with questions of inbetweenness, identity and family. She works with found and personal objects, photo, text, and film.

Sunniva Wejlemark

born 1987 in Växjö (SE), lives and works in Stockholm. She received a BA in fine art from Malmö Art Academy 2014 and a MSc in landscape architecture 2021. Her starting point is often from motives found in nature, a found photograph or something else existing that she draws interest and further associate on. Through drawing, painting or sculpture she transfers it to something new with a subtle narrative. 

Ingrid Jansson

born 1990 in Karlstad (SE), lives and works in Stockholm where she graduated from the Royal Institute of Art 2016. Ingrid Janssons works tend to relate to movement. Either if it is a concert with her band, an old used towel or a perfectly shaped object, there seems to always arise an ambiguous meaning to it all.

Using material from her surroundings she merge qualifications from other objects and create realities outside the standard.

Karin Sahlin

born 1989 in Gothenburg (SE), where she now lives and works. She studied the Bachelor’s programme of Fine Art at Konstfack in Stockholm 2011-2014 and graduated from the Master’s programme at the Royal Institute of Art in 2016. In her artistic practice Karin works with sculpture and fabric, often in relation to the body. Her method is a slow and intuitive process where the hands show the way of the work.

Filippa Nilsson Kallhed

born 1986 in Stockholm (SE), lives and works in Stockholm, where she graduated in 2021 from the Master’s Programme in Fine Art at Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts, and Design. She works with sculpture that explores themes such as identity, body, memory, sexuality, and humor. Her working method is above all moulding and casting, and the starting point for her work is primarily her own body.

Josef Alexandersson

born 1987 in Gothenburg (SE), where he now lives and works. He studied the Bachelor's programme in Fine Art at Konstfack, Stockholm between 2010-2013, with an exchange semester at California College of Arts, Crafts and Design (CCA), San Francisco in 2012. Josef’s works are observational paintings and drawings, studying his surroundings, using his hand-eye combination as a synchronized recording device, with the goal of leaving the brain out of the picture.

Jakob Westberg

born 1988 in Falun (SE), lives and works in Stockholm and graduated from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts 2016.

He is a sculptor working in a wide range of materials such as; found objects, plaster, paint and textiles. The narrative of the sculptures are slowly built over time through their materiality. Lines, color and surfaces intervene and become rich screens for physiological and psychological depth.

Kristoffer Palmgren

born 1986 in Jät (SE), lives and works in Stockholm. Kristoffer holds a Bachelor's in Fine Arts from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts and a Bachelor's in Molecular Biology from Stockholm University. Kristoffer Palmgren works with themes and processes that are based on life from a scientific point of view. His works often intertwine technology and biology.

All photos: NOS crew