14-17 oct. 2021


14-17 october 2021.

Part of Supermarket Arti Fair 2021

This Open call announcement where distrubuted through social media two months before the show.

We are looking for artists for the exhibition 'Find-us' at NOS on October 14-17, 2021. It will be a part of Supermarket Art Fair and presented in our gallery.

To follow up our contribution to Supermarket last year, when we hosted the exhibition 'Mirror Mirror', will ‘Find-us’ also take its starting point from the gallery's history as a former dog daycare. This time, we have chosen to let our public face and gallery dog, Findus, set the measurements for the participating works and extend last year's success!

We will focus on small-scale artworks not bigger than the head of Findus. The measurement of the artwork can not be larger than 15x20x17 cm. All types of media are welcome.

We will show all submitted artworks as long as they do not break against laws such as discrimination and incitement against ethnic groups, etc.

Hand in your work personally or with help from a friend to NOS on September 27 or 28 between 18:00 - 20:00.

When handing in your artwork, we would also like you to bring a paper that informs us about:
- title of the artwork
- instructions for installation
- material
- measurements
- name of the artist
- contact information: phone number and email

Nearly 100 artists showed up and handed in their artwork wanting to take part in the show!

Here are the list of all the participating artists:

Agnes Gry, Agnieszka Abramowicz, Alice Máselniková, Amanda Hellsten, Anna Neander, Ann-Catrin Olsson, AnnaLeena Prykäri, Annie Holm, Anton Lind, Aski Dahl, Beatrice Johansson, Carolina Billvik, Catrin Lo Karlberg, Cilia Wagén, David Hammarberg, Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole, Ebba Birkflo, Elias Dahl, Elina Bergmark Wiberg, Ellen Dynebrink, Emelie Lenning, Emilia Norman, Emma Hasselblad, Emma Hirsk, Estrid Åkermark, Evelina Sandell, Filippa Nilsson Kallhed, Filippa Wikner, Gabriella Novak, Håkan Bring, Ingrid Jansson, Jakob Westberg, Jennifer Myerscough, Johan Danielsson, Johan Franzén, Johan Lundborg, John Willgren, Jonas Gazell, Jonas Silfversten Bergman, Josefin Bergman, Josefin Selander, Kajsa H. Bolve, Katrin Westman, Klara Rosenlund, Klara Wikström, Kristin Karlsson, Kristoffer Palmgren, Lars Jonsson, Laurens Rohlfs, Leonela Lilja, Lisa Lundgren, Lisa Vipola, Ljubomir Popovic´, Lotta Grimborg, Luusi Dorotiya, Maja Svensdotter, Madelaine Sillfors, Malin Arnedotter Bengtsson, Malin Neuman, Marcelo Ferreira Gustafsson, Maria Toll, Maria Johansson, Marja Knape, Martina Skyttberg, Matilda Björk, Melanie Wiksell, Mikael Lehr, My Bengtsson, Nanny Rådenman, Neil Bhat, Nikki Fager Myrholm, Oskar Enetjärn, Paula Elion, Peter Larsson, Rebecka Bebben Andersson, Samuel Sander, Samuel Åhlman, Sandra Hiredal, Sandra Leandersson, Simon Gran Danielsson, Sofie Grevelius, Sofia Olsson, Sofia Priftis, Sofia Zwahlen, Stella Lindhagen, Theodor Ander, Theodor Johansson, Therése Hurtig, Thomas Hansson, Tina Bergsten, Tova Fransson, Tuva Axbom, Åsa Ekman, Åsa Polfjärd

Here is a interview that Supermarket came and did with us :)

Finding Galleri Nos (Nos referring to the Swedish word for Dog’s nose) is not easy, but certainly worth the effort and the detour on the subway. Tucked away in a basement in the leafy Stockholm suburb of Tallkrogen the Supermarket 2021 associate gallery is home, not only to a small dog with a big personality, but also to seven in-house artists. But do beware because it is the dog, Findus, that runs the show here. At least the current show, ‘Find-us’.

So why staying at home in Tallkrogen and not host a booth at the Supermarket venue?

–Because our experience of Superlocal 2020 was so nice. At the time we were really surprised that the Superlocal 2020 audience found their way to us in Tallkrogen, says sculptor Filippa Nilsson Kallhed while making coffee in the tiny kitchen behind the exhibition space.

–We realised, she continues, that it suits us better to meet and interact with the people that come and visit us here at home. We network and socialise better this way. It broadens our artistic perspective and that is what we are looking for right now.

On ‘Find-us’ – an open call exhibition.

–Previously we always invited artists we already knew or friends from art school to take part in our exhibitions. But now for this show we really wanted to reach out and get in touch with new artists, so we did an open call through Facebook, Instagram and our website. The turnout really surprised us. Within four hours almost a hundred art objects were handed in and all of them are now showcased in the exhibition. We only presented one criterion, the measurements of the art object had to be smaller than 15x17x20 cm, which is the measurements of Findus’s head.

The future for Galleri Nos?

–In a funny way the pandemic has been good for us, because we were literally forced to reflect about what we really want to do and how to move on with the gallery. So next year is already fully planned with the gallery hosting three open call exhibitions and on top of that we have upcoming collaborations with several other artist-run initiatives in Copenhagen and Gävle. For Galleri Nos it is important to continue to reach out and to find new artists and collaborators, because this is what broadens us.

Text by Maria Eriksson.

Photo: NOS crew